We interviewed several builders before choosing Fenton Varney. Having seen a number of his finished homes, we were very aware of the high quality and unique features of a Fenton Varney home. His ability to design our home on an architectural computer program was an added bonus and quite cost effective. With these things in mind, we chose him to create our “dream” home.

Fenton, with our rough sketches in hand and using his architectural design abilities, guided us through the design process to produce a final set of conctruction plans along with photo realistic renderings of our "dream" home.

His knowledge as a builder was invaluable to us in making decisions on materials, energy efficiency, heating systems, etc. He and his highly skilled crew, not only provided top quality workmanship, but were extraordinarily helpful in making suggestions, redesigning a space, and providing alternatives.

He and his team brought our dream home to fruition. Our house speaks quality craftsmanship and design throughout.

We had a very positive experience working with Fenton, and would highly recommend him to create your “dream” home.

- Dick and Linda Frucci - Alton Bay, NH

The construction of our home began in the Fall,we worked with Fenton and Ivena on a design that included a Cape with a Farmer's Porch and attached Post and Beam Barn. Our home was completed the following Summer. We were still residing in Connecticut during the construction period and visited the site every 2 to 3 weeks to review the progress and deal with minor changes.

The construction is of the highest quality, timely, with minimal changes, and a very cooperative effort by Fenton's team and sub-contractors. It is important to note that Fenton was able to effectively coordinate construction of our home with the sub- contractor responsible for our Post and Beam Barn.

The entire construction experience was very positive and the quality is evident by the fact that over years we have had no problems with our home. Fenton Varney is a person of integrity and we highly recommend him as a quality residential contractor.

- Joan and Bob Theve, Melvin Village, NH

I cannot say enough how pleased we are with our new home. From the initial consultation through the design of the house, Fenton worked very hard to make sure our house was exactly what we wanted. From researching new materials to reviewing the floor plans to maximize space. We were impressed with the overall creativity and craftsmanship that went into the construction of our home. Before building our home we considered several builders in the area. We found that what was standard for Fenton would be considered an 'upgrade' for the other builders. Throughout the entire process Fenton Varney and his team met our standards of excellence both in quality and ingenuity. When you build with Fenton Varney, you are truly getting a custom home!

Thanks to everyone involved at Fenton Varney Builders for giving us more than we ever dreamed possible. You are the best in the business!

- Mike and Kim Jarvis - Melvin Village, NH

Being an architect and commercial contractor in California, I needed to find a quality builder for my new lake home in Wolfeboro, NH. I knew I would not be able to oversee the construction on even a monthly basis, living so far away, so I had to find someone who was honest, high quality and extremely competent. After talking with some local people, I found Fenton Varney. He not only came highly recommended, but on visiting some of his previously built homes, I could see he had the quality of construction I wanted. I prepared the basic design, and Fenton refined it for the requirements of New England winters and regional materials.

From 3000 miles away, and with only four visits during construction, the house was finished on time, far exceeding my expectations for quality, and exactly at the price quoted nine months earlier. The only change orders were due to my changes, and they were less than 1% of the original contract. I know a good contractor when I see one, and Fenton Varney and his team are the best!

- Barry Fernald, AIA (retired) - Wolfeboro, NH

First of all when it came time to retire, we decided to tear down our lake front cottage and build a year round home on our lot. Having spoken to friends and realtors, I was made aware of Fenton Varney as a high quality home builder. I was also aware of his design capabilities, saving the cost of an architect. All of his was seen first hand when we visited some of the lakefront homes he had designed and built.

We were pleased from the outset by his straight-forward approach, his computer generated design options and his practical suggestions that gave us all we wanted in our home.

During construction we were impressed with his "hands on" attention to detail, the top quality materials used and his willingness to help us with special requests during the overall process. From stonework, to fireplaces, and the extensive interior woodwork with much built-in cabinetry, it all came out as planned. His crew and the subcontractors were very conscientious and helpful as we moved along. We have lived here now for several years, and we just have no complaints. We are pleased when visitors come to our home and comment about the quality and details of the workmanship, which is evident throughout the house.

Fenton was attentive and responsive since we started the process and remains so today as a knowledgeable resource for any questions we may have or advice we may seek. I would recommend him and his team without any reservations for someone looking for a dependable, high quality home builder.

- Sam and Phyllis Forsythe - Black Point, Alton, NH